When disaster strikes, MaxDry is the one company to call. MaxDry will provide guidance and expertise in water restoration so that you can get your life or business operating again.

MaxDry's Water Restoration Services Include:

Emergency Response 24/7/365

When disaster strikes, we are available 24/7/365 to provide our professional services that will ensure successful recovery.

Water Extraction

We begin extracting any visible & non- visible water to stop the spread of moisture. In a carpeted area, the wet carpet padding may need to be removed and disposed of, along with wet insulation, ceiling tiles, and other materials that require immediate attention.

Mold Removal

Mold removal requires certified, experienced professionals, in order to remove it safely and completely. MaxDry has the required IICRC license (AMRT) to safely and correctly remove mold. We apply an EPA approved antimicrobial treatment to affected areas, inhibiting bacterial reproduction.


We monitor moisture levels and strategically place industrial air movers to accelerate evaporation and dehumidifiers to pull moisture from the air – significantly reducing drying time. It is critical to always leave the equipment running until completely dry.

Structural Drying

Once the most water possible has been physically removed, the remaining moisture is evaporated with high-velocity air movers. We use hi-tech equipment like dehumidifiers and air movers to dry the space which uses scientifically proven methods that help quicken the drying process.

Moisture Measurement & Mapping

Using thermal technology and moisture meters our experts carefully measure moisture content and the extent of water damage. We also monitor and document the drying process on a daily basis until optimal drying standards are met.

Disinfectant Fogging

MaxDry offers an antimicrobial disinfecting fogger service! It kills 99.9% of all pathogens in ONLY 3 minutes!
  • Disinfecting of entire surfaces, hard to reach areas and fabrics
  • Safe to breath or touch for pets and children
  • Plant based & Antimicrobial
  • Residential & Commercial use and great for vehicles
  • EPA Registered
  • Chlorine & Phosphate Free
  • Non-Abrasive

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For emergency services 24/7, please call 678-424-5761